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Ajay Piramal says he got the best advice from the Bhagwad Gita

August 28, 2012
The best advice I ever got is from the study of the Bhagwad Gita. The Gita advocates the concept of Trusteeship. The concept of Trusteeship means that all we have here is given to us by the Lord, and my role as a Trustee is to hold and manage this wealth in the interest of all the stakeholders. This is the most important value we have been striving to uphold in our business.

From the Gita I have learnt that we have to be completely focused on doing actions to the best of one's ability and not worry about the results, because results are only action in another form. The Gita has taught me to be courageous, and to take on challenges and face them upfront. Reading and learning the Gita has helped me realise the importance of humility and equanimity in both good times and bad.

Finally, I deeply believe what is said in the last verse: "Such is my faith, that whenever is manifest the Lord of Yog, Krishna, and wherever is present a true devotee like Arjuna, there will be victory, glory and prosperity."


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