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Less is more

April 1, 2008
Bose, as we all know, has this incredible capability of squeezing high performance into very small spaces. Its Acoustimass speakers are an example of how tiny speakers can produce remarkably clear and high quality sound.

A couple of years ago, Bose launched its SoundDock, aimed at the growing legion of iPod owners who want to go public with their ubiquitous personal audio system from Apple. The SoundDock was simply the best equipment to dock your iPod into and get high-fidelity sound that was unmatched by anything that the competition offered.

Bose SoundDock
Bose SoundDock
The SoundDock is still there and retails in India for Rs 17,900 but now Bose has launched what it calls the SoundDock Portable. This is a smaller incarnation of the earlier dock—which makes it portable without compromising on quality.

Pop your iPod into the new SoundDock (available in Black or White) and you can fill a mid-sized room with robust sound. The bass is astonishingly deep and the high notes sharp without being tinny, as in many other docks that abound in the marketplace. The SoundDock Portable weighs around 2 kg and is small enough to be truly portable.

It also has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that charges your iPod while it plays. You can, of course, also plug it into the mains and, thereby, charge both, your iPod as well as the battery. A small remote control lets you adjust the volume and change playlists but, alas, not fiddle with bass and treble levels. Great sound but at an MRP of Rs 24,650, it can burn quite a hole in your pocket.


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