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iLounge @ CES 2013 woos Apple fans

Nidhi Singal     January 10, 2013
Nidhi Singal
The much popular iLounge Pavilion at the International CES 2013 has quite a good number of exhibitors that display the accessories for the Apple ecosystem.

With the iPhone 5, new iPad and the iPad Mini being the hot selling devices, there were hundreds and hundreds of booths showcasing cases and power packs for these devices. We also spotted cases for an Android smartphone, the Galaxy SIII.

But other than cases, the new accessory to dominate the show was the tempered glass screen protectors for iPhone. These protectors were made to protect the display from damage and scratches with specially processed glass that has been reinforced to increase shock absorbency.

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While some of them claimed them to be scratch resistant, some even chopped vegetables on the iPhone's screen with the tempered glass protector on.

Another accessory that I widely spotted at the show was the stands for iPad. From wall standing to those that will hook to the side of the bed, a lot many stands were displayed at the venue.

I even spotted one that can be used to place on the phone with commercial. Yet another accessory that dominated the iLounge was the portable power.

Gadgets & Gizmos is at Las Vegas for CES 2013 at the invitation of Panasonic. Watch this space for some great coverage from the event

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