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'It was nice to see Business Today (September 1) in "luxury" mode'

August 24, 2013
Business of Luxury
Thanks to Business Today for creating awareness of the competition even in the luxury segment (Money Can Buy You Luxe, September 1). By bringing out such an issue, BT has brought sharp focus on the business of luxury. With new rules of doing business having arisen, people with even small amounts of capital now want to spend more and more. Though luxury is not new to India, it is being redefined by those whose wealth has grown in the age of liberalisation. The wheels of fortune are turning fast.
Akhilesh Kumar Sah, Faizabad


It was nice to see Business Today (September 1) in "luxury" mode. However, I feel this was not the right time to bring out an issue on luxury, considering the nation has entered a phase of uncontrolled economic decline. Few can afford the brands you highlighted, but I suppose there is no harm reading and dreaming of luxuries without actually experiencing them. So it was a pleasure to go through
some of the articles, especially the ones on high-end watches, luxury foods, sport cars, etc. Reading at least does not make a hole in
one's pocket.
Abhinav P., New Delhi

Spreading Education
Your report A Cloudburst in the Classroom (August 18) was interesting. The cloud certainly offers an opportunity to spread education to interior parts of the country. But in India we still do not have fibre optics at many places. There are also locations where fibre optic cables cannot be laid as they are disturbed areas. The only alternative is to fix the satellite towers locally. But these, too, do not work efficiently, which results in slow speed or poor connectivity at times.  
Debasis Debnath, Ranchi

Electrical Impulse

The case study on Havells India (Darkness to Light, August 18) highlights how the company passed through a difficult phase without giving up. It dared to look beyond the horizon. Havells, though went through a rough phases, but has done remarkably well to assimilate a larger company - Sylvania into its fold. Quality management, in-depth research and perseverance bailed it out. Hopefully, it will have well-lit days in the years ahead.
Devendra Madhesia, Gorakhpur

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