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This festive season, why not gift a smartphone?

Nidhi Singal     October 31, 2013
The festival season is a good time to buy a new smartphone as there are hundreds of offers floating around. Gadgets and Gizmos lists the best deals on offer in the market right now -

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Shelf Price Rs 27,200
Offer Price Rs 22,900
Saving Rs 4,300
Why: Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is a new device with a price that makes it a value-for-money purchase. Why spend so much more on the S4 when you can get the same thing in a smaller package

Samsung Galaxy S3

Shelf Price Rs 27,500
Offer Price Rs 23,950
Saving Rs 3,550

Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Shelf Price Rs 37,500
Offer Price Rs 29,950
Saving Rs 7,550

BlackBerry Z10
Shelf Price Rs 43,490
Offer Price Rs 27,500
Saving Rs 15,990
Why: At this price, the Z10 is the best touch-based business smartphone around. You get an all new operating system, seamless multitasking and will not have to go for special BlackBerry tariff plans.

BlackBerry Q5
Shelf Price Rs 27,500
Offer Price Rs 23,950
Saving Rs 3,550
Why: If you are a keyboard addict, you don't have any option apart from BlackBerry. While the BlackBerry 9720 requires BB data plan, the Q10 costs close to Rs 45,000. That's what makes the Q5 a good deal.

Nokia Lumia 925

Shelf Price Rs 33,499
Offer Price Rs 28,989
Saving Rs 4,510
Why: Thanks to Nokia, the market for Windows Phone smartphones is on a steady rise. The offerings from Nokia stand for the sturdy hardware combined with a simple, easy-touse, software. The recently launched Lumia 925 is a compelling buy for less than Rs 30,000.

Nokia Lumia 625
Shelf Price Rs 19,999
Offer Price Rs 14,985
Saving Rs 5,014

Nokia Lumia 720

Shelf Price Rs 18,482
Offer Price Rs 15,980
Saving Rs 2,502

Apple iPhone 5 16GB
Shelf Price Rs 45,500
Offer Price Rs 42,990
Saving Rs 2,410
Why: Even though Apple is discontinuing the iPhone 5, it doesn't mean you should avoid buying it. There are chances you might be able to spot an even sweeter deal for this smartphone. And you need not worry about the service as Apple will continue to provide support.

Apple iPhone 4S 8GB
Shelf Price Rs 38,500
Offer Price Rs 31,500
Saving Rs 7,000
Why: With Apple launching the new flagship iPhone in India, there has been a significant price drop in the price of the iPhone 4S model. Do keep in mind that both iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4 are set to be discontinued soon.

LG Nexus 4

Shelf Price Rs 25,999
Offer Price Rs 23,499
Saving Rs 2,500
Why: Coming from Google and LG, Nexus 4 is still one of the best smartphones with pure Android. It is powered by the quad-core processor and is a smooth operator.

LG Optimus G Pro

Shelf Price Rs 42,500
Offer Price Rs 32,999
Saving Rs 9,511

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