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Best way to fight stress? Rub golf balls under your feet: Neha Dhupia

Goutam Das     December 14, 2013
So, what's the best way to get fit? Before you can hit the gym, run or swim, it is important to get selfish. So believes actor and fitness freak Neha Dhupia.

"You are doing this for yourself, to look good, for your mental well-being. You can't make excuses," she said at Business Today MindRush on Saturday.

The actor had useful suggestions on how to stay fit. "I definitely eat before I go to the gym to ensure metabolism is kicked in - it could be a banana or an apple," she said. 


Contrary to popular perception, Dhupia said she does not believe in dieting to maintain a slim figure. "I believe in eating healthy. Abs are made in the kitchen," she said, amidst applause from the audience.  

Other suggestions to keep fit in the middle of work included walking meetings and doing strength training whenever possible.

The best way to fight stress? "You are just de-hydrated. Drink water. Rub golf balls under your feet. Drink chamomile tea," she suggested.


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