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'If I were in Modi's shoes, I would make Arun Shorie next FM'

C. Rahul Pramod Goud     May 26, 2014

Putting the economy on track has been the biggest selling point of Narendra Modi's campaign and it is important that he hits the right notes, as he prepares the list of cabinet ministers.  

If I were in Modi's shoes, I would make Arun Shorie the next Finance Minister. Mr Shourie's strong Economics background will help in setting the right relationship between Modi and Raghuram Rajan, who will also play a vital role in India's economic revival. Shourie's widely acceptable image will help maintain the confidence of both the corporate sector as well as the common man.

I would name Arun Jaitley as the Commerce, Law and Industry minister. Jaitley's experience in the above fields, coupled with his political acumen will be useful for successful passage of bills in the Rajya Sabha.

"Skill development" is seen as a key weapon in uplifting mass unemployment. Modi's own ability to tap into individual's skills has been exemplary, as evident from his campaign and his tenure as Gujarat's Chief Minister. I would like Modi to keep the HRD ministry with himself.

C. Rahul Pramod Goud, PGP 2013-15 Senior Coordinator, Alum Comm IIM Bangalore.

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