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Five IT sector challenges for Modi govt

CP Gurnani     May 26, 2014

1. The IT and BPO sectors have a role to play in creating employment opportunities only if they continue to get encouragement from the government through an environment that nurtures the growth of industry. It is important that the government sees to it that the IT and BPO industry remains competitive and creates jobs and is able to deliver to its potential.

2. Skill building will continue to play an important role as there is need to constantly ensure that we have a workforce that can match the requirements of the industry.

3. Create an ecosystem that will accelerate innovation and product development. There is need to create a culture that encourages small and start up companies.

4. The government should embrace the digital medium. Time for India to become the digital leader both in public and private and be an important participant in the digital tsunami. There is need for a digital transformation within the government.

5. Use crowdsourcing and analytics to improve efficiency and productivity of government operations.

C.P. Gurnani is Managing Director and CEO at Tech Mahindra.

As told to E.Kumar Sharma

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