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Smart gadgets to tackle problems during travel

Nidhi Singal     June 17, 2014

Smart gadgets to tackle problems that often arise during travel.

Re-Timer (fights jet lag)
Price: 180 pounds

Around 25 years of research has gone into developing these 'Re-Timer' glasses, which use a green light that claims to control the body clock. To advance the body clock (fall asleep earlier) the user wears the re-timer for 50 minutes shortly after waking up. To delay the body clock (fall asleep later), the user wears it for 50 minutes before going to bed.

SpareOne (universal phone)
Price: $79 + $15 shipping charges

This is the only mobile phone you can use anywhere in the world. It needs just one AA battery and has a lifespan of 15 years! Just take out your phone's SIM card and insert it into SpareOne, and you're good to go. It does not have a display screen so in case someone sends you an SMS, the AutoText feature on the phone sends an automatic reply informing that you cannot read the text message but can be reached via phone.

Swiss Military Universal travel Adapter
Price: Rs 590; available at

Finding a plug point into which your charger/adapter will fit is often a problem while travelling abroad. The Swiss Military Travel Adapter is the perfect companion in such cases. It features a three-in-one travel plug set which is compatible with plug points in almost 150 countries. Electrical Rating: 110V-250V, Max 2,500W

Trakdot Luggage Tracker
Price: $50 + $13 annual subscription

It's always a gut wrenching moment when you arrive at your destination after a long flight and your luggage goes missing. To forestall that, all you need to do is hook up the Trakdot Luggage Tracker, a GSM chip-equipped monitor, to your luggage and then configure it with an app on your smartphone. You can then pinpoint the exact location of your belongings if they disappear.

Price: $59. Available

The Aero-tray mounts securely onto your seatback tray on the flight. Its "Z" design is adjustable and creates a secondary shelf. The Aero-tray creates an angle of support in coach seating, allowing usage of a laptop without interfering with your fellow passengers' space. It also doubles as a protective carrying case for small devices and slides easily into a standard laptop bag.


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