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Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies aims at social sensitisation

Arpita Mukherjee     October 13, 2014

Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies
Overall Rank: 42; Future Orientation Rank: 13

The IIM of Ernakulam' is how Elizabeth Jess, a second-year student, refers to her college as. Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies (RCBS) has made her ready for the future. She is a lot more confident of her abilities now and ready to face the world.

"The institute interprets leadership a little differently. While we give a great deal of importance to analytics and decision-making tools, we have also felt that we should include things like social sensitisation, personal growth and team building as three major areas of training for a student," says Dr Rosemary Varghese, Associate Professor and Assistant PGP Chairperson (Administration).

The institute conducts special programmes for social sensitisation. As part of the curriculum, the students visit a village, stay there for almost one month, and take part in social welfare activities such as making roads, and educating villagers about health and sanitation, among other things. Besides students, development and growth are extended to the faculty as well.

It is sent for training regularly. As Dr Joseph I. Injodey, Principal and Dean, says: "Regular drill has to happen else the sliding down becomes very fast."


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