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The rule of four

Bibek Bhattacharya     May 12, 2008

1. There’s nothing as enduring as the white shirt. You can wear it to any occasion, especially to work. Team it with a monogrammed tie and your look is complete. Keep it uncluttered, keep it simple.

White shirt from Viavero for Rs 3,250; Monogrammed tie from Canali for Rs 7,000

2. Blue is the classiest colour, and you can wear it anytime, without a second thought. To soften the look, wear a nice, elegant slim tie, with a simple design or pattern on it.

Blue shirt from Lacoste for Rs 1,950; Tie from Lacoste for Rs 2,840

 Two classic knots

Windsor: Wear it with a broad spread collar shirt.

Four-in-hand: Wear it with any elegant dress shirt, the narrower the collar, the better.

3. Here’s a classy striped shirt. Simple vertical stripes always look good, especially when teamed with a navy blue-striped tie. The bold stripes of the tie contrast well with the thinner stripes of the shirt.

Shirt from Canali for Rs 14,000; Tie from Manzoni for Rs 4,500

4. A great example of drawing attention to your tie. Wear a shirt of light shade and dazzle beholders with the tie. Here, the stripes are elegant and the colours muted, but the statement you make—especially with the big knot—is weighty.

Shirt from Manzoni for Rs 4,000; Striped tie from Viavero for Rs 1,900

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