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Jabong introduces specially designed bags for delivery boys

Arunima Mishra     December 22, 2014

Online apparel retailer Jabong has attempted to make the life of delivery boys a little easier with its Design Hack, a specially designed bag to carry shopping packages to the customers' doorsteps.

The idea for this design hack emerged in April after a customer, in a tweet, raised concerns about the adverse health impact on delivery boys carrying heavy courier bags.

It took about six months for Jabong to roll out this initiative. The company created the Design Hack through a crowd-sourced effort.

"DMP Carrycases, a Delhi-based company run by Yogesh Wadhwa, helped the e-commerce player understand the material, design, feasibility, weight and other critical aspects of the bag that costs Rs 1,100. About 2,000 to 3,000 bags have already been deployed by Jabong's logistics provider, GoJavas", says Praveen Sinha, Co-founder, Jabong.

"We will be producing 10,000 such courier bags. Besides GoJavas, other logistics providers have also shown interest," he says.

Sinha also says that the bag has been designed to lessen fatigue in delivery boys as it helps distribute the weight equally between the shoulder and the feet.

Vijay Ghadge, COO, GoJavas, says the new bag is a healthier option for employees. He adds that, although this bag costs double than a normal bag, it's worth the investment as the health benefit would offset the cost.

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