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Android TV will steal the show over affordable 4ks

Nidhi Singal     January 9, 2015

Nidhi Singal, assistant editor, Business Today
Nidhi Singal, assistant editor, Business Today
Considered to be the biggest tech exhibition of the world, Consumer Electronics Show (which happens in Las Vegas early every year) is one of the most awaited tech show for geeks, techies and anyone who follows tech news. For long, the show has been the platform for all the big tech giants and even the small start-ups to showcase the new innovations that they were busy inventing.

This is one platform where we got to see a lot of action in television space. Be it HD TVs, LEDs, 3D TVs, 4k or curved TVs, all of this was first showcased at this show. However, for me, this year's show wasn't as big and exciting in terms of new tech innovations and announcements in the television space.

Sony's Internet TV, which is built on Google's Android platform
Sony's Internet TV, which is built on Google's Android platform
4k resolution, also referred as Ultra HD, isn't new. Everyone has been talking about 4k TVs over the past two years. Even though 4k TVs are still far away from being mass adoption due to the expensive price points and lack of 4k content, all the major TV giants are focused on making 4k TVs slimmer and much more affordable.

We actually haven't moved beyond this resolution. I still remember the Sharp booth at CES 2013, where other than the 4k TV was a huge 8k panel on display. But since then, I haven't heard much about the 8k TV.

Another trend in this space that silently kicked off at the CES was the Android TV. While Samsung is taking about Tizen-powered curved 4k 'SUHD' TV and LG has got its web OS, honestly, none of this excites customers. Instead, Android TVs will connect with the masses.

Last year, Google has released its Android TV that brings a streamlined user interface to TVs. It also brings music, games, apps, movies, and TV shows alongside Android to the big screen. Sony has announced a new range of 4k LCD TVs that run on Android TV operating system. Sharp too has announced two line-ups - UE 30 and UH30 - that are smart TVs with Android interface. TP Vision too has announced that it will be integrating Android TV into all Philips TV ranges this year.

For me, Android TV still makes sense in terms of new offerings for customers. 4k has been there for a while and it is high time that it gets affordable.

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