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Staying fit, on a budget

Nidhi Singal     April 24, 2015

Assistant Editor, Nidhi Singal
Wearable gadgets are catching the fancy of many. From expensive items like the HTC Vibe to the economically priced fitness bands and watches, you would have been tempted to buy one just to experience what the noise around wearable gadgets is all about.

Things started to change as fitness bands became slightly affordable. I remember the Sony SRW 10, a smart band launched for Rs 5,990 last year. It received a good response not just because of its functionality, but also because of its price and the freedom to pair it with most of the Android smartphones around. Then came Goqii fitness band, which also showcased unique features. It would track your activity and food logs (entered manually). It had a fitness coach too that would keep an eye on everything and push you to achieve more.

The band was priced at Rs 3,999 along with three-month guidance from the coach, after which you could either renew the plan or just continue to track the activity on the band and sync it with the app.

But now with the launch of Mi Band for Rs 999, one can actually own one to experience this new fad of fitness bands.

Xiaomi's fitness band is a basic one and doesn't offer any fancy features. It doesn't have any display. It simply tracks your activity and sleep patterns. It syncs with Android and iOS devices over Bluetooth. In short, there isn't anything revolutionary and it is just a daily log of your activity. But for Rs 999, it brings the latest technology to your wrist at a ridiculously cheap price.

One might wish to own a Mi Band just for the sake of having a wearable gadget or to actually keep a tab of the activity and sleep pattern, but whatever the primary reason may be, the low cost of this wearable fitness band can push many Indians to think about their health and well being.


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