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After smartphones, it's health devices and wearables for YU

Nidhi Singal     May 12, 2015

Acknowledging the importance and growth of health and wearable segments in personal technology, YU has forayed into this space with two new devices - HealthYU and YUFit.

Rahul Sharma, Founder of YU, explained, "HealthYU and YUFIT is a step towards our vision of introducing a connected devices ecosystem. These intelligent devices will really matter in the category."

The HealthYU can also be referred to as a medical device. With sensors built in, the HealthYU can record blood pressure, body temperature and blood oxygen saturatin. It also uses a Lead ECG mechanism to capture ECG.  Priced at Rs 4,999, it can generate a graph for later reference on a smartphone using HealthYU app.

This device bundles up as a phone cover, and a user needs to hold the sensor for it to start working. It supports multiple users, up to a maximum four users. However, this isn't a unique concept. US-based fitness start-up Azoi too announced the launch of Wello, an iPhone 5/5s cover capable of tracking vital body functions, but it was priced much higher than the HealthYU.

The other device YU launched is a wireless fitness band that works with a dedicated app. Priced on par with the Xiaomi Mi Band at Rs 999, this one has an LCD display that shows alerts such as incoming calls and messages.

YuFit helps in achieving daily goals and is focused on counting steps and calories burnt. It is integrated with HealthifyMe app for accessing the information on the smartphone.

Just like Goqii, even YuFit offers coaches that help users lead a healthier lifestyle. However, how closely the coach works with YuFit users remains to be seen.

Both these devices will be available for purchase in June through YU's official website.

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