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Nasscom India Forum 2012: Richard Hadlee says it is important that cricket administrators run the game

Goutam Das     February 15, 2012
Sir Richard Hadlee last played cricket in 1990. He has now got "cricketed out" and would rather watch a match on the television than go to the ground. Sometimes, he promotes corporates - he is currently in Mumbai hard selling New Zealand as an investment destination at the Nasscom India Leadership Forum.  He spoke to BT.

Q. What did you do after retiring from cricket?
I worked for a bank for 18 years as an ambassador. I was a national selector between 2000-2008. Today, I am semi-retired.  Now, I do projects - little bit of speaking around the world in corporate functions. I am representing technology companies at the Nasscom summit.

Q. How do you view the role of technology in sports now? You have everything from analytics software to the Decision Review System (DRS).
There was nothing in my days. In the 70s when I started you would be lucky to have two television cameras on the ground. Technology came in a little bit throughout the 80s but today, technology is a very important part of sport because of what it offers and how it can change the course of the match; how it can make incorrect decisions right. More and more sports are using technology to make it more engaging and a spectacle for the viewers.  Technology can help in more awareness and public support for sports as well. But technology needs to be conclusive, 100 per cent right.  

Q. Is DRS, as used in cricket today, 100 per cent conclusive?
I don't specifically know the answer to that. But the point is that they have come up with ball tracking - where it pitches, the line and the contact. If you use it, it is fair for both teams because it is something that is consistent at the moment. It is a good tool. It is probably close to 100 per cent.

Q. At your Nasscom keynote on Tuesday, you spoke about the relationship between business and sports and how both have benefited from each other. If you look at Indian cricket now, do you think there is a crisis - too much money ruling the sport?
In India you have the IPL…that is massive money. There is more money in the game than ever before. But I hate to think that money will rule the game. It is important that cricket administrators run the game, players play it and corporates become part of it. So you have a happy family. You got to manage things.

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