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Don't want Boss to know about your job search? Here's a discreet way

Devika Singh     January 14, 2016

Finding jobs via portals is a very convenient option, but one of its deficiencies is that it makes it very easy for your company and the industry to know that you are on the lookout. Though this may not pose a big problem for freshers, seniors with experience often don't want everyone to know about their moves.

A relatively new job portal,, targets this segment of the job market and helps such candidates search job anonymously. Launched in June 2015 by UK-based entrepreneurs Karthik Prasad and Swash Ram, the portal is currently operational in the UK and India.

Prasad, who is native of a small town Harihar in Karnataka, came up with the idea of this portal when he realised there was a gap in the job market and recruiters often struggle to hire the right people.

"I have seen markets in India as well as the UK and have observed that there is a gap in the market which can be explored. This gap is all about how you can be sensitive to candidates' experiences and ensure them anonymity," Prasad told Business Today.

"This is the reason why we designed a platform, where recruiters don't post the job but they directly tap into a pool of candidates and reach out to a large number of candidates in one go. But the recruiters will not know the name, contact numbers and email ids of the candidates," explains Prasad.

So how do they interact?

The portal and its app include an internal telephonic system, which enables the recruiter to call the applicant they are interested in, without revealing the applicant's phone number. Also, a recruiter can chat with the applicant on the platform.

It has monthly, half-yearly and annual subscription options available for the recruiters but they have to upgrade if they get more than a certain number of responses on a monthly basis. Though companies get free talk time after registration, they have to buy it afterwards from the portal.

While registering with the portal candidates are required to fill in their details like name, phone number, e-mail id, working experience, skills, education etc. However they are not required to upload a resume. Also all these details are not revealed to the recruiters, they can only see his job-related details like work experience, skills, present employer etc.

Reception so far

"We have not invested in marketing so far but still via word of mouth has seen a better than expected response since its launch. We have about 200 recruiters and 10,000 candidates registered with us," Prasad said.

The start-up, which aims to increase its candidate database by 10 times and recruiters by five times in the next six months, currently has customers like JustDial, Walmart-Lowes, Target, Amazon India.

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