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Disrespect at workplace major cause of stress, says HR study

Sonal Khetarpal     April 22, 2016

Disrespect at workplace is one of the leading factors for stress among the workforce followed by lack of work-life balance, overtime and support from managers, says a report.

The study "Workplace Stress: Impact and Outcomes" was done by Chestnut Global Partners India along with SHRM India to assess the impact of stress on employees' productivity as well as on organisations' top lines.  The report was launched at the 2nd HR Technology Conference and Exposition in Mumbai on 21 and 22 April 2016.

The results of the study were derived from a combination of a survey of 2,157 respondents (from 12 organisations) and interviews with their CHRO and senior management. The organisations were from three sectors, IT/ITES, Finance / Banking and Travel & Hospitality, with staff strength ranging from 2,500 to over 170,000 employees.


On the personal front, inadequate income (financial commitments), inability to manage personal and professional relationships, interference of personal relationships in work and the need to take care of children with health issues consistently come up as the top stress inducers.

The research found that stress impacts both the Return on Investment (quantifiable) as well as Value on Investment (qualitative) of an organisation.  

In monetary terms, the total organisational productivity loss per year for the companies that participated in the study adds up to approximately  Rs 49.67 crore for IT/ITES, Rs 105.48 crore for finance  and banking sectors, and Rs 10.5 crore for travel and hospitality firms.

According to the report, chronic and life-style related health issues are growing rapidly among the so called 'Young India workforce'. It predicted that by 2025, "India will have more than 57 per cent of the population suffering from diabetes."

The report highlighted that cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and tobacco consumption are seen as high-risk elements in employee health and wellness.

Some of the remedial measures suggested were to create health and wellness programmes that address the root cause of stress and not just mitigate its effect. For instance, have hobby classes for employees throughout the week, send gifts for family occasions and involve them in the CSR initiatives of the company.

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