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Team BT     July 11, 2016

Making of a Future

WHAT: ECOSOC High-level Segment 2016

WHEN: 18-22 July, New York

The event will identify and deliberate on several key features meant to advance coordination, dialogue, follow-up and review of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development, and have high-level dialogues with international financial and trade institutions, and government representatives.

Dairy Diary

WHAT: Emerging Trends in Bovine and Non-bovine Dairy Sector

WHEN: 29 July, Chandigarh

The event organised by CII will discuss the therapeutic value of bovine and non-bovine milk, and find ways to develop skill and entrepreneurship,and establish scalable businesses for dairy and dairy food industries.

Create for Cash

WHAT: 12th India Innovation Summit 2016

WHEN: 28-29 July, Bangalore

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: The CII summit will find answers to how an innovator could transform into an entrepreneur in terms of the overall mission, market and model, and scale his business despite the numerous challenges both at personal and start-up ecosystem levels.

Tech Tonic

WHAT: National Cold Chain International Conference on Advanced Technologies in the Auto Industry

WHEN: 29 July, Gurgaon

CII is organising a one-day conference to deliberate on the significance of energy- and resource-efficient technologies to reduce costs, decrease supply-chain risks, and to enhance product appeal to customers in the Indian Automotive Industry.

Change Agent


WHEN: 21-22 July, Chennai

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: The event will discuss the demographic upheavals within organisations that have led to workforce diversity and changing priorities, and find ways to keep pace with a technologically powered, segregated yet inter-connected, change-ready and digitally literate work space.

Above Board

WHAT: New Dimensions of Board Practices and Responsibilities

WHEN: 23 July, Kolkata

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: The conference will provide a platform for discussions and deliberations on the new dimensions of Board practices and responsibilities towards corporate governance, with an aim to create awareness about the boards' obligations to companies and shareholders.


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