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10 business opportunities for travellers in India

BT Online     October 22, 2016

Quitting your job to follow your passion may sound exciting, but it rarely works out if you don't have a well-structured plan in hand.

If you are really sure you are not meant for a corporate world and your 'hippie' soul yearns to set itself free, you should definitely try hitting the highroad.

For those who can't fit in 9 am-5 pm work-style, we have compiled ten practical business opportunities that they must explore:

1. Chai shop

A chai establishment on the way to the top of icy mountains attracts a lot of mountaineers and trekkers from around the globe.

The idea of a piping cuppa over great conversations makes for a smart business model for those who just want to retire among the ranges.

2. Beach shack

Beach shacks aren't the type of outlets where you need expert culinary talent. If you're one of those who loves food and beaches, working at a beach shack would be perfect.

Here you can explore and experiment with your food, learn the business of running a food outlet and enjoy the perks of living by the shore.

And if money is not a big deal, you may well buy a shack of your own.

3. Teaching village kids

Many children in rural India don't have the privilege of receiving formal education and most of them are forced into working.

Teaching kids in villages basic education or English is a good alternative for people who want off-beat jobs.

Creating small institutions or schools for their development can be an altruistic job to pursue.

4. Tour guide

Becoming a tour guide is the ideal job for someone with a wanderlust.

One can start off by working under a tour director to learn the nuances of the job. Having exposure to the city's history, art, culture and heritage is important too.

Being social and having the ability to blend with interracial crowd is also imperative to being a tour guide.

5. Blogging

Blogging is a creative way to bring out your opinions and experiences on almost every matter.

Be it travel, food, social issues, personal experiences or political outlook, you can create expressive and meaningful packages for your blog.

To turn it into a business opportunity, you can use many Google tools like Ad Sense to feature advertisement or sponsored content.

With a lot of hard work and dedication, your blogging passion will soon turn out to be your job.

6. Organic Farming

Starting a farm business is not a bad idea in today's time, and if its organic, all the more better.

Organic food products are great in demand because of how health conscious people have become these days and can serve as a smart business opportunity.

Tying up with smaller farmers can go a long way to improve their businesses too and you'll be giving back more to the society.

7. Tattoo artist

If you have an artistic hand and a great attention to detail, becoming a tattoo artist gives you the freedom to explore and challenge this talent.

Training as an apprentice first will give you a hands on into the job. The second task is obtaining a license to pratice.

Once the formalities are out of the way, all you have to concentrate on is producing the best kind of body art work.

8. Life Guard

If water sports and beaches are your idea of how a day should go then a career in becoming a life guard, water sports instructor or coach is a sweet deal.

Now, spend every minute of your job teaching or over seeing what you love.

9. Musician

Being a part of a music band and touring the country to perform gigs is as hippie as it can get.

But to make a serious living out of it, you need to rope in the right manager, build contacts, focus on making original tracks and promoting it actively and creatively on social media.

10. Bar tender

Park Hyatt's rooftop bartender in Toronto is about to retire after 57 glorious years of service where he had the opportunity to service Hollywood icons and political figures.

This might serve as a push to you if you want to bartend.

Opening up a local bar or pub is a another good opportunity if your interest lies in the alcohol business.


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