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All you need to know about the new 2016 MacBook Pro Series

BT Online     October 31, 2016

"The new MacBook Pro achieves a design that optimizes both performance and portability."
-Jonathan Ive, Chief Design Officer of Apple Inc.

Apple is out with the MacBook Pro 2016. The Cupertino giant unveiled the new line-up of MacBook Pros on Thursday. According to the company, the new MacBook line-up is the amalgamation of high intensity processing and portability.

Compact Design with a few sacrifices

The new Pro will be is 14-17 percent thinner and nearly half-a-pound lighter than the previous versions of the Retina MacBook Pro and will also occupy lesser volume. Though the device ends up being much more compact, the user will have to sacrifice connectivity due to the lack of ports. The new Pro line-up will only feature 4 USB-Type C thunderbolt ports. Both Touch Bar Notebooks will feature 4 USB-C Thunderbolt 3 ports that are capable of handling power. The Notebooks won't be featuring an escape button but it still features the 3.5mm head-phone jack.

All-new Touch Bar

The new 15-inch and 13-inch Macbook Pros come with an interesting Multi-touch bar which will be replacing the traditional row of function keys. The Touch Bar will change the key set up according to the application running on the screen and will be customizable according to the user's needs. There's no haptic feedback to the keys that can otherwise be found on the main touch pad of the machine.

MacBook's first Touch ID

Another first for these new MAcBooks will be the TouchID, located right next to the new row of touch-bar. A long-press on TouchID will turn the computer off. The Butterfly keyboard that was found on the MacBook, will be featuring in the new set of MacBook Pros. While this might be an unpleasant addition for many, the company claims that the keyboard will provide better key-travel.

Brighter and more colourful Retina Display

The notebooks will feature a Retina display, which according to Apple is brighter by almost 67 per cent higher contrast ratio and  a brightness of 500nits. LG built a 5K display specifically for the new Macbook Pro.

Double sized trackpad

Along with that, the notebooks feature a massive new trackpad which according to Apple is pretty adept at palm-rejection. The trackpad is twice the size of the previous MacBook Pro and has a taptic engine underneath. The trackpad will be featuring the force touch functions, similar to what can be found on the MacBook Air.

Marginally evolved performance

In the performance segment, the new 15-inch MacBook Pro will feature a quad-core Core i7 processor, AMD Radeon Pro graphics with up to 4GB of video memory, and up to 16 GB of RAM.  The 13-inch MacBook Pro will feature either an i5 or i7 processor along with an Intel Iris GPU.


The MacBook Pros seem to have updated their prices as well but this might not please the prospect buyers. The 13-inch MacBook Pro without Touch bar will be available at Rs 1,29,000. It is only available in a i5, 256SSD model.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar will cost around Rs 1,55,900 for the i5 variant and 1,72,900 for the i7 variant.

The 15-inch variant will cost a whopping Rs 2,05,900 for the i5 variant and Rs 2,41,900 for the i7 variant.


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