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MindRush 2016: I don't visualize a workplace with no manual intervention, says Tech Mahindra CEO and MD C.P. Gurnani

Manu Kaushik     December 17, 2016

The workplaces are changing. The new workplace is dynamic with people from different backgrounds. Machines replacing man is constantly discussed across the globe. To elaborate the shape and structure of the new workplace, C.P. Gurnani, CEO and MD of IT company Tech Mahindra laid out his thoughts at Business Today's MindRush 2016. Gurnani started off with example of his own organization.

"In our business, we have culture of co-creation, we do crowdsourcing, and we have started looking at flexible workforce.  Gurnani gave the example of US-based Tesla Motors. He was surprised at how a company can start a production facility in the most expensive real estate location in the world - Bay Area in San Francisco. "Why would anyone set up a plant there," he said.


It was believed, Gurnani says, that robotics and machines will be doing all jobs in that factory. "It was surprising to see the co-existence of man and machines there," he said, adding that workers are also changing themselves. Gurnani said that there are actually more jobs being created to train and maintain those machines.

Gurnani further added that the workplace of tomorrow can be anywhere in the world. "Workplace of tomorrow will be distributed. Technology will continuously change, and workplace will evolve. Technology will keep creating new productivity tools. But we will still require human intervention. I don't visualize a workplace with no manual intervention," he said.

He emphasized on the role of millennials in the new world. Gurnani said that many millennials will work for others but many will start as entrepreneurs, or solopreneurs. They will not work for anybody. There will be programmers working solo," he said.

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