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June 24, 2008

Spectrum sharing on the cards?

Dot is now considering the possibility of allowing spectrum sharing among mobile operators in an attempt to ensure better utilisation of the scarce resource. The proposal will need the approval of Trai, which will also be responsible for deciding the guidelines for spectrum sharing. This move comes at a time when several large operators are grappling with severe spectrum shortage while regional players have excess spectrum capacity. The question is: will Trai play ball?


MFs on the radar

Sebi Chairman C.B. Bhave is known for his reformist zeal. At NDSL, Bhave revolutionised capital markets with the smooth rollout of dematerialisation. Now, we hear that Bhave has singled out MFs for attention. Bhave’s single-point agenda is to make the industry more investor-friendly. At a seminar in Mumbai, he did some plain speaking: “Mutual funds should self-regulate to avoid mis-selling of products to investors. This will ensure that SEBI does not have to step in.” Clearly, Bhave means business.


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