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Air India will soon offer free Wi-Fi in flights

BT Online     March 21, 2017

You can check your e-mails, use social media and even browse the internet when you fly domestically on Air India after July this year.

The Indian carrier is planning to introduce Wi-Fi services in its Airbus A-320 flights which are mostly used for domestic operations, reported The Times of India.

"We are working on having Wi-Fi on our planes. We have issued expression of interest and will take the aircraft manufacturer's nod to install Wi-Fi equipment. Though giving an exact date is difficult, we are aiming to start this by June or July," AI chief Ashwani Lohani said.

Once Air India implements the service, other airlines may follow suit.

However, the company did not mention the speed and amount of data that it is planning on providing.

It is speculated that the services may start with a smaller data package, enough to send and receive mails and communicate through WhatsApp, and later move on to larger packages like other leading International airlines.

Global airlines are known to provide free data packages and allow flyers to pay for additional data once they reach the free limit.

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