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Netflix will no longer be available on rooted Android smartphones amid global cyber attacks

BT Online     May 15, 2017

Following the global cyber attack, Netflix has stated that its app won't be available on rooted or unlocked Android smartphones any longer.

Since the Android platform is an open source operating system, it is prone to such attacks.

Many users 'root' their devices to gain administrator rights, exposing the device to great risks. Hence, Netflix might have taken this call to dissuade users from rooting their android devices.

According to Android Police, the entertainment company will no longer support their app on rooted devices which means users who attain root access to the Android operating sysetm code akin to jail-breaking of Apple devices ID, cannot download or update the Netflix app.

Instead, the Netflix app will be running on Google's Widevine DRM technology, version 5.0. This technology provides one of three security levels for each device, depending on which processes run in the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), reports  Deccan Chronicle.

Even on the Google PlayStore, the app's homepage reads "Version 5.0 only works with devices that are certified by Google and meet all Android requirements."
The app still runs its latest version on rooted devices but this new move could indicate stricter measures in future.

However, It is still possible to access the Netflix app on rooted devices by simply downloading the APK file. Nonetheless, it is still recommended to stay within the protected walls of Google's security layers amid the fear of ransomware's threat around the world.

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