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WhatsApp to launch group video, voice calls after roll-out of Live Location feature

BT Online     October 23, 2017

Last week WhatsApp launched the live-location tracking feature and now the company is launching group video calls for its users. The application is already the most popular title on both iOS and Android but it's planning to become the go-to app when it comes to communication.

The group calling feature hasn't made it to the final built yet but is expected to do so in a few months' time. According to WaBetaInfo, a website that tests all new WhatsApp features claimed that the application will be launching a group video and voice call feature.

This new update might feature in WhatsApp's next update for beta users.  The site claims that the 2.17.70 beta version will come with this new feature. Along with this feature, the update will also carry a new update that will help with an easy transition between phone numbers. If a user changes their number, WhatsApp will notify all contacts on their list about the change.

WhatsApp has been aggressively introducing new features within their application and is also stepping in the social media realm by introducing features like stories. The consistent rise in a smartphone's computational power is enabling applications like WhatsApp to delve into other genres of communication.

Though many popular applications offer services like conference video and voice calls much before WhatsApp, the sheer size of the user-base makes the feature an instant hit. The application has 1 billion daily active users and around 1.3 billion monthly active users.

The Live Location feature was also offered by various applications like Messenger, Google Maps, Telegram etc. but with WhatsApp adopting it, the feature might finally get a broader audience.

To use the Live Location feature one will have to tap on the paperclip icon next to the chat box. The location can be shared in the form of chat. It can be sent to WhatsApp groups as well as individual chats.

 To keep a track of how many people or groups are getting the live location updates, one can check in the Account Privacy settings. In terms of WhatsApp groups, if various participants have shared their live location, all locations will be visible on a single map.


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