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Infographic: The world has more millionaires than ever before

Tejeesh Nippun Singh Behl     November 16, 2017

Wealth creation and the number of wealthy witnessed a doubling up in their growth rate last year, as a million new millionaires were added to the ranks of the HNI club, with $21 trillion added in the last seven years to total millionaire wealth.

Asia-Pacific has now clearly pulled ahead of the western hemisphere, in terms of the millionaires it houses, with the fastest addition in ranks in the last three years, at nearly eight per cent.

Millionaires in Asia-Pacific also added more zeros to their bank accounts than millionaires in any other continent, including the US and Europe.

The boom in the stock markets across the globe and in India has led to spurt in millionaire wealth, with shares now almost a third of HNI assets, compared to less than a quarter of assets last year.

India's HNI headcount went up a few notches, though it remained stagnant in its standing on the global pecking order of millionaire, though just commonplace millionaires have become in the populace can be gauged from the fact that 9 out of 10 millionaires live in the same locality as you.

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