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What got Gates' goat?

BT Online     November 17, 2017

Billionaire Bill Gates only underlined what most of us who have gone through the grind of schools and colleges have always felt-that our education system is abysmal.

The lack of educational standards in our institutes makes it necessary to hire subject tutors, starting from primary schooling to post graduation.

5 states with highest percentage of students going for tuitions

Education has, over the years, become a costly affair for most Indians, the average annual income for whom is just Rs 82,269. If our education standards have failed to impress the world's richest college dropout, it does raise questions as to what justifies the cost of education.

It's a sad commentary in the land of Aryabhatta, the famous mathematician & astronomer, where students can't solve simple math problems. But why just blame the students - rampant teacher absenteeism and lack of facilities in schools ensures that quality education remains a pipe dream for many.

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