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MindRush 2018: 'Move from fixed mindset to growth mindset crucial in changing times'

PB Jayakumar     January 13, 2018

It is important for organisations to nurture a growth mindset than stick to the traditional fixed mindset, in a world where change is the norm, said Eduardo Briceno, Co-founder of Mindset Works and California-based business education expert and growth mindset researcher.

Speaking at the Business Today MindRush event on the theme 'Mastering the Normal', Briceno said a growth mindset culture leads to faster growth and improvement, higher performance and resilience,  greater creativity and innovation, more positive and collaborative relationships, better ethical behaviour and greater diversity for business leaders and organisations.

Citing examples and scientific studies, he asserted that people with a fixed mindset look at their goals as 'smart', while people with a growth mindset aspire for learning and improvement. They seek challenges as against avoiding challenges, see changes as challenges than threats, and react to setbacks with resilience as against helplessness. For them, response to criticism is learning-oriented as against people with fixed mindset who get defensive. People with a growth mindset see success as situations and motivations, not as threats. When life challenges come up, they show a higher level of determination unlike those who have a fixed mindset.

"Leaders should depict a vision of learning for them and the organisation, should engage in deliberate practices, should be open to experiments and create a culture and structure for growth," said Briceno, who currently helps organisations cultivate learning-oriented cultures and systems. Prior to this, he was Principal at the Sprout Group, a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley.

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