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MindRush 2018: Mark Inglis tells how to bring out the best

Arpita Mukherjee     January 13, 2018

Replete with funny one liners and anecdotes, motivational and inspirational speaker Mark Inglis poured out his life's learnings about going above failure and beyond success. Giving instances from his life journey, he talked about the ever-present need to re-imagine, innovate, and re-brain.

In an interesting activity, Inglis called two participants on the stage to re-enact the incident in which he lost his limbs to frostbite after being stuck in snow for 324 hours on Mount Cook. He was 23 that time. The 58-year-old New Zealander said he stayed alive for two reasons -- "knowledge to make the right decisions to survive and faith in the team." He said: "Attitude defines your altitude. There's nothing more important for a mountaineer."

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"In some cases, the decision isn't yours," he said, talking about his amputation, adding, "That's when the real test comes, that can you adapt to the change that comes along?"

He noted that every adversity brings with it an opportunity. "There's a mountaineer who will never have frostbite again and will never have to buy hiking boots," he joked.

"We can blame change as much as we want, but we only understand when we're in the midst of it," he added on a serious note.

Taking from personal examples of great teams, he talked about how collaborations multiply strengths.

Rewording Aristotle's quote, "To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing," he said, "To achieve do something, say something, be

Moving the audience with his poignant experiences, Inglis closed with the thought that one needs to look out and increase the frame of reference that one looks at.


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