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How We Did It

Team BT     February 19, 2018

This is the 16th edition of the Business Today Best Companies to Work For survey. It was conducted in collaboration with HR solutions company PeopleStrong.

The aim of the survey is to understand perceptions and aspirations of India's employees across industries and map these against what they see in their companies, sectors and even across sectors. It provides an insight into how industry at large and in specific verticals can align their employer brands to aspirations and thoughts of the Indian workforce.

This year, too, we are following a survey open to employees from various industries. To cross-check the authenticity of the respondents and to ensure that the quality of responses were of acceptable standards, validation checks were done by calling a certain proportion of respondents randomly.

The PeopleStrong Study Team then constructed a ranking of companies and analysed in-depth the various aspects that go to make a company a great place to work. We reached out to salaried employees across 10 sectors that include BFSI, core sector, engineering and automotive, manufacturing, pharma and healthcare, telecom and allied. Around 16,000 potential respondents came to the survey page.

PeopleStrong then constructed a ranking of companies and analysed in-depth the various aspects that go into making a company a great place to work for by deep diving into the aspirations and perception bit of it. The basic idea is to see how employees rate different companies as employers across a set of specific parameters. Respondents are asked to rank companies across industries first and then within their own industry. The parameters covered include career and growth prospects, compensation and benefits, learning opportunity, workplace diversity, work-life balance, ethics, stability and HR practices.

Some companies have been regulars as far as the Best Companies to Work For survey is concerned. Google and Accenture have been the Top two employers for five years in a row. Abbott India has also been in the rankings for five years now. Hindustan Unilever has risen five ranks to No. 6 and Tata Steel has gone up seven places to rank No. 7.

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