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Farmers' rights activists to alert farmers about crop MSP on social media

Joe C Mathew     April 3, 2018

Jai Kisan Andolan, a platform of farmers organisations formed by Swaraj Abhiyan, will use social media to publish the actual price offered to farmers in various 'mandis' and government procurement centres across India on a daily basis. The objective is to provide  a regular update on the difference between the actual price and government offered Minimum Support Price (MSP) to the farmer.

"MSP Alert is a new initiative to gather and provide information to media, agricultural researchers, policy makers and all citizens as to whether farmers are receiving Minimum Support Price that the Prime Minister and Finance Minister have assured in the Union Budget; the nation needs to know and understand if farmers are being cheated and looted at agricultural markets," said Yogendra Yadav, President, Swaraj India.

Swaraj Abhiyan's move will put pressure on the Central Government, which is trying expand the MSP system to more agricultural crops.

"Every morning, MSP Alert shall bring before the nation news and information gathered from leading and credible media/research sources of the country and government websites and inform what the government had promised the farmers and in reality what farmers are actually getting for their crops in different agricultural markets," the organizers informed.

MSP Alert shall be published every day on social media platforms like Twitter handles and Facebook pages of Jai Kisan Andolan, Swaraj Abhiyan, Swaraj India, Yogendra Yadav and more.

The MSP Satyagraha team of Jai Kisan Andolan and other organisations, which visited agricultural markets in 7 states in the last three weeks, had discovered that farmers are not getting MSP updates anywhere in the country.

"Today, 2 months have elapsed since the Prime Minister and Finance Minister promised in the Union Budget that farmers will get MSP; they said they will ensure that farmers get MSP. It is therefore necessary for the whole nation to know whether farmers are getting remunerative price for their crops that had been promised to them by the government and which in any case is their right," the organizers pointed out.

Jai Kisan Andolan has also sought citizens help to visit nearby agricultural markets to gather information about what price farmers are getting and what difficulties they are facing in the markets and share it with the team.

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