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This airline will pay 2 friends to move to Iceland for 3 months, travel the world and work

BusinessToday.In     April 24, 2018

This summer if you are bored of your daily routine and want to indulge in something to remember forever, may we suggest this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity offered by a budget Icelandic airline? It might require some careful consideration and some time but what good thing doesn't? Keeping up with that spirit, Icelandic airline Wow Air is offering what they are aptly calling the best summer job ever.

The job is to move to the gorgeous country of Iceland for three months, and then travel the world from there to explore and document 38 of Wow Air's destinations. The applicant can apply alone or bring a friend along or two friends can take up the job together. Wow Air will also pay the two employees 3,300 euro each every month for sustenance in addition to accommodation, transportation and other tours in Iceland.

The successful candidates would eventually move to Iceland on June 1 and would continue their term till it gets over on August 15. They would also be put up by the airline in downtown Reykjavik.

Once the candidates are well settled, they would be required to travel to other countries and create a complete travel guide for Wow Air. The candidates would have to explore the food, culture, nightlife, nature destinations, and the best ways to travel and discover ways to travel on a budget of the countries they explore.  They would also need to photograph their experiences, maintain a vlog and an Instagram account and any other means of maintaining a digital travel guide. The content would be hosted on Wow Air's site Travel Guide.

All the applicants need to do to apply is shoot a video travel guide of their hometown, fill up the form and submit the video. The video needs to be shorter than 2 minutes. Wow Air started accepting applications on April 23 and will continue till May 14. The winners would be judged by a panel and announced on May 18.

The candidates would eventually explore Wow Air's 38 destinations including Barcelona, New York, Los Angeles and Stockholm.


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