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Two lions, two tigers and a jaguar escape a German zoo

BusinessToday.In     June 1, 2018

Police in the Western German town of Luenebach are looking for a couple of animals including two lions, two tigers and a jaguar that escaped from a zoo on Friday. A bear that appears to have escaped with the bunch has been shot and killed by the police. The circumstances under which the bear was shot are currently unclear.

It is not clear how the animals escaped either but some reports mention that flooding from a thunderstorm last night could have been a cause.

While police officials believe that the escaped animals could still be on the grounds of the Luenebach zoo, police in nearby Trier have asked its residents to stay indoors till they are sure of the situation.

Initial reports suggested that lions and pumas had broken out of the zoo in Luenebach that's near the country's border with Luxembourg and Belgium. Eventually police found out that the escaped animals were two lions, two tigers and a jaguar.

News agencies tried to contact the zoo, but they did not pick up calls.

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