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Apple Park has standing desks for all employees and cafe chairs that cost up to Rs 1.7 lakh

BusinessToday.In     June 15, 2018

Apple's new headquarters Apple Park will have standing desks for all its employees. Though everything inside the iPhone maker's office is mostly a secret, there is one detail which CEO Tim Cook revealed- every Apple employee will get a standing desk. Modern work spaces put a lot of emphasis on lifestyle and health nowadays and innovate in different ways to ensure the employees have the best of health. Apple office will also get the new change with the same aim - better lifestyle.

According to a Gizmodo report, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed in an interview with David Rubenstein that every Apple Park employee will now have an adjustable standing desk. The move might seem a bit extreme, as one goes straight from sitting on a chair from Vitra for eight hours to standing the entire day. The September issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology featured a study that involved over 7,000 participants and documented pro-longed standing over a period of 12 years. The study found people who stood for long hours were more vulnerable to get heart disease compared to those who sat.

The move could also encourage people to take walks from time to time. Since you will be standing all the time, you might as well use your legs to roam around. According to Cook, Doctors have also said that 'sitting is the new cancer'. The new headquarter, rumours say, cost over $5 billion to construct. Apple Park is built to distinguish the large glass "spaceship" from the carefully landscaped campus outside.

The campus includes fruit trees and on-campus "Cafe Macs" cafeterias which use the fruits of the fruit trees in its lunches and dinners. The campus also features a huge gym and a shuttle service to connect workers to satellite offices and the old company headquarters.

The furniture inside the Apple Park has been meticulously handpicked. According to a report by Business Insider, the standing desk comes with chairs made by Vitra that cost $1200 (Roughly Rs 81,600) along with chairs in the common areas and cafes which are designed by Nauto Fukasawa that cost $2500(Roughly Rs 1.7 lakh). The interior also features tables that are 18-foot long oak slabs.

By doing this, Apple might want to retain the high-paid software developers who have many other employment options and allure them to stay by giving them a great office to work in.

In the interview with Rubenstein, Cook also said, "Steve(Jobs) had the vision that the workplace should facilitate people working together...having these common areas that people could work together and run into each other without planning on doing it... and that the level of ideas and creativity and innovation that would come out of that would be phenomenal and we're seeing that."

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