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Northern Railways announces new timings, higher frequency of express carriers; here are the details

BusinessToday.In     July 2, 2018

In a bid to meet the demand of growing number of passengers, the northern wing of the Indian Railways has increased the frequency of Lucknow-Anand Vihar-Lucknow Double Decker Express, train numbers 12583 and 12584. The train used to run two times per week, but now would be available four times a week. The new schedule will become operational from July 3, as indicated by the official Twitter handle of the Northern Railways.     

The revised schedule:

  • Lucknow-Anand Vihar-Lucknow Double Decker Express, train numbers 12583 and 12584, will run on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. Presently, they operate on Friday and Sunday only.
  • Anand Vihar-Lal Kuan Intercity Express, train number 15060, will depart from Anand Vihar terminal at 2.15pm, instead of earlier 2.05pm.
  • The train will reach Hapur at 3.30 pm and Amroha at 4.28 pm; where it will halt for a maximum of two minutes each before proceeding with the journey.  
  • It will then reach Moradabad at 5:10 pm and Pipalsana at 5:46 pm; where it will halt for a maximum of five and two minutes respectively.
  • Moving on, the train will reach Kashipur at 6:45 pm and Bazpur at 7:33 pm. The train will halt for thirty minutes at Kashipur, while for two minutes at Bazpur.    
  • It will reach Gularbhoj at 7:56 pm, where it will halt for two minutes.
  • Finally, the train will arrive at Lal Kuan at 8:35pm, which is its final stop.
Meanwhile, in the last six months, as reported by the Economic Times, more than 650 people were arrested for unnecessarily pulling chains in the trains under the Northern Railways. "It has been observed that many times passengers pull the alarm chain without any emergency, and for reasons such as relatives or friends getting late in reaching station, or to de-board or board at stations where the train does not have stoppage," a statement from the Northern railways said. Section 141 of the Railway Act, 1989, administers imprisonment of up to three months if a passenger pulls the alarm chain without a sufficient cause.

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