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With this new WhatsApp feature you won't need to open the app frequently

BusinessToday.In     July 27, 2018

The California-based popular instant messaging platform, WhatsApp, will soon release an update which will allow users to view images and GIFs directly in the notification bar. This will do away with the need to open the app to view media content. Also, users can now send messages on WhatsApp groups using Siri. Earlier, Siri could be used to send messages only to individual contacts.

As reported by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is testing a new feature called 'Notifications Extension' as a part of version 2.18.80. The feature would first be released on IOS 10 and above, and subsequently be available on other operating systems (OS).

In order to avail this feature, users are required to turn on the picture auto-download settings in WhatsApp. In case this is not done, WhatsApp will display a download button in the notification bar and users can preview the image by clicking on the download button.

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It must be noted that users will not be able to use this feature if they have multiple notifications in their notification bar, as the WhatsApp notification would have to be swiped down in order to view the image in the notification bar.

Meanwhile, in the wake of incidents of mob-lynching in various parts of India, WhatsApp launched a number of new features to curb the menace of fake messages. The features include limited forwarding of messages to a maximum of five contacts and labelling of forwarded messages. Further, the company has also announced that it will award $50,000 to independent researchers who study the spread of false propaganda on the communication platform and highlight measures for curtailing the same.

Additionally, the instant messaging application is testing a feature called "suspicious links" which labels dubious links shared on its platform. As of now, the 'suspicious link' tag can be found on WhatsApp beta for Android devices. The feature will be brought to iOS and Windows Phone in later updates.

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