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Android users can now undo sent emails through their Gmail mobile app

BusinessToday.In     August 21, 2018

Gmail has been allowing its undo send email option since 2015, giving users time to fix typos or attach forgotten files. But, now the company has also rolled out the feature for Android users using Gmail app on mobile phones. The feature is available on Gmail app version 8.7 and further versions of the app.

According to an Android Police report, the timing of the new undo is up in the air. However, testing has found that only versions 8.7 and forward have the feature. Even so, the feature does not show up for a few minutes at times on some versions, finally appearing only when the app is force killed or swiped out of memory.

So how does it work? The feature works the same on a mobile phone as with Gmail. Once you send an email, for a few seconds, a 'Undo' option will appear at the bottom of the screen. After you select the option, you will return to the original draft where you can make the desired changes.

Also, even if the email is sent, you can still stop the recipient from receiving it by clicking the 'undo' option. For Gmail-to-Gmail emails, you can undo mail even if it has been sent from your device, while for Gmail-to-others, the email will take a longer time to deliver, giving you an option to 'undo' it in case of an error or any change.

Google is changing the way we compose an email. At Google I/O 2018 keynote in May, the company announced the new 'Smart Compose' feature, powered by artificial intelligence, to draft emails with ease. The predictive text like feature suggests three responses based on the email received in the inbox.

(Edited by Manoj Sharma)

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