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Job scarcity! 81,700 graduates including 3,700 PhD-holders apply for 62 peon posts in UP Police

BusinessToday.In     September 3, 2018

The state of employment in the country can be gauged from the following scenario: in Uttar Pradesh, 81,700 graduates applied for 62 vacant positions in the telecom department of the UP Police. To fully understand the implications of this, one must further know that out of the 81,700 graduates, 28,000 are post graduates and 3,700 are PhD holders. Moreover, the qualification asked by the employers for the post of messenger is only Class 5th.

The starting salary for the position is Rs 20,000.

Perplexed at the overly-qualified applications received, the department has postponed the hiring process.

"Around 93,500 applicants have applied for 62 vacant posts. This includes graduates, post graduates, MBAs, MCAs, PhDs and people holding other highly qualified degrees," Director General-Telecom Department of UP Police Pramod Kumar Tiwari said, as mentioned in a report in India Today.

Further commenting on the applications, Tiwari also said that earlier if a candidate knew how to ride a bicycle, he was picked for the job. "However, now the written examination is also mandatory," he said.

He also said that with so many applications, they have now requested the government to provide funds so that an agency could be hired for getting offline examinations conducted. Tiwari added that now the hiring process has been put on hold for the time being.  

The Samajwadi Party has criticised the Yogi Adityanath-led UP government for failing to provide employment opportunities to the youth of Uttar Pradesh.

SP spokesperson Abdul Hafiz Gandhi said to India Today: "UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath's statement was insulting when he said that qualified youths are not there. However, the fact is that the youths of UP are qualified but the government is not able to provide them jobs."

Continuing the blame game, UP BJP leader Rakesh Tripathi said, "During the tenure of the SP government, applicants for hiring in all departments used to approach the court alleging discrepancies. The hiring used to happen only on the basis of money power or caste. Since the BJP has come to power, there is full transparency in the hiring process."

(Edited by Anwesha Madhukalya)

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