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The Decision Trap

Manu Kaushik     September 5, 2018

It was among the wisest decisions taken, when the Finance Ministry junked Air India's demand for a Rs 30,000-crore fund infusion, reportedly because the airline didn't present a turnaround plan.

The Finance Ministry had discussed a Rs 11,000-crore bailout package with the Civil Aviation Ministry earlier when the attempt to sell a 76 per cent equity stake in the Maharaja bombed.

One could well argue that for a government preparing for the general elections next year, there are more urgent issues than reviving Air India. The airline has already sucked in Rs 28,175 crore from the Rs 30,231-crore (10-year) turnaround plan (TAP) approved by the previous government in 2012 with a marginal improvement in its operating profits for two consecutive years but with the deterioration in market fundamentals, Air India will most likely struggle with profitability yet again.

Manu Kaushik

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