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Royal Enfield feud: Why Classic 500 Pegasus owners are furious over Classic 350 Signals?

Vivek Punj     September 5, 2018

Royal Enfield has been facing backlash from owners of its Classic 500 Pegasus Edition motorcycle for launching a similar looking Classic 350 Signals Edition. Some buyers allegedly called the Classic 500 Pegasus garbage, claiming that it has lost its exclusivity after the launch of similar looking Classic 350 Signals. Additional features offered with the much cheaper Classic 350 Signals did not sit well with the owners of Classic 500 Pegasus either.

The scenario took an interesting turn when users on social media platforms showed one Classic 500 Pegasus allegedly left in the garbage dump by its owner. While the company did try to offer an explanation, it seems to have fallen short to convince the miffed Royal Enfield owners.

The Royal Enfield Classic 500 Pegasus was launched a few months back to commemorate the automakers association with the British Army. Only 1,000 of the special edition motorcycle were made with 250 units sent to India. Considering the high demand for the Pegasus model, Royal Enfield launched two variants of Classic 350 Signals edition some time later with a similar look and a lower price tag, to honour its association with the Indian Armed Forces and Indian Air Force.

The similar looks ticked off the owners of Pegasus edition who felt robbed of the exclusivity factor they paid a premium for. The Pegasus 500 Edition is priced around Rs 32,000 than the standard RE Classic 500 for a different paint job, commemorative insignias and a saddle kit. The Classic 350 Signals, on the other hand, is priced at only Rs 14,000 that the RE Classic 350 even though it comes with dual ABS, which is absent in the Pegasus 500.

The last bit of exclusivity for the Pegasus 500 - the stencilled serial number on its fuel tank - was also carried over to the Signals 350, to the ire of the former model. Also, Royal Enfield dealerships have reportedly called people, urging them to take a test ride of the Signals 350 with the promise that it looks exactly like the Pegasus.

In its defence, Royal Enfield said that although the Pegasus 500 and Signals 350 share the same platform, they are unique in design and 'in inspiration'. The statement by the company had also said that the Pegasus 500 had a bigger engine which can deliver higher displacement and more enjoyable rides. The buyers of the Pegasus also have access to special Pegasus merchandise too, which maintains the exclusivity of the line to some extent.

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