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Speedo LZR

August 19, 2008

What is it? It is Michael Phelps’ best friend. Huh? As Michael Phelps began his odyssey to become the greatest Olympian of all time, he was helped immeasurably by this new swimming costume from Speedo.

Swimwear can’t help shave seconds, can it? Well, the Speedo LZR can. Designed by the British company that brought you the tights that some men wear to flaunt their “assets”, this swimsuit was created in collaboration with NASA scientists to sculpt Speedo’s Pulse material. In the six months that LZR has been around, over 100 world records have been smashed by swimmers wearing it.

How do they do it? The LZR has no seams; it is ultrasonically stitched together and mimics the surface of fish. Its fit is so snug that it can take 20-30 minutes just to get into one.

Wow, how much does it cost? An LZR will set you back $500 (Rs 21,500)— a lot for a swimming costume.

Kushan Mitra

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