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Tata Communications to develop in-house content to upskill employees

Sonal Khetarpal     September 13, 2018

As learning and development takes centre stage in companies around the world, now Indian firms are looking at developing their own content for upskilling their employees. Recently, Tata Communications' introduced online courses, which it has developed in-house for its employees, to make them future ready.

"We want to focus on developing in-house content for niche certifications that suit our company's requirements," Aadesh Goyal, Chief Human Resource Officer of Tata Communications told Business Today.

Currently, only 20 per cent of the courses on their internal learning and development platform 'Virtual Tata Communications Academy' are customised for the company. The rest are from ten other MOOCs platforms such as Coursera, Udacity amongst others that are integrated with their system.

The academy is a part of the company's skilling initiative to prepare the workforce for the skills of tomorrow. "We are creating a learning culture where employees are responsible for their own learning. Also as we change company's processes, we introduce courses to create demand," says Goyal. He shares the instance of how their performance evaluation process changed, which required the manager to play the role of the coach as they introduced several Coach Certifications in the academy.

'Virtual Tata Communications Academy' was launched 15 months back after an internal survey revealed that business heads felt there was a strong need for new skills big data, cloud, mobility, security, artificial intelligence.

"It has machine-learning algorithms that search the right content for employees, allowing them to build skills in the areas they want and start from the level where they are," says Goyal.

In the first three months of its launch almost 30 per cent employees had taken up courses. In fact, 75 per cent of those were able to finish the courses, enrolled in and 500 got certifications, claims Goyal. "We want employees to get to 2,000 certifications this year," he adds.

Now, almost 75 per cent of all training is done virtually and the rest is in the form of workshops.

It is also integrated with the 'Project Marketplace', where managers put a problem statement or a new project. Employees, who are interested and want to implement their new skills, can volunteer. Two hundred such projects were launched during the period, in which almost 1,000 employees were involved.

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