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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey meets Congress chief Rahul Gandhi, IIT students

BusinessToday.In     November 12, 2018

It's been a packed schedule for Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey on Day 4 of his maiden India visit. In the morning he met Congress chief Rahul Gandhi and going by the photos, including a selfie, posted by the Opposition leader, it was a very amicable meeting.

"Jack Dorsey, the Co Founder & CEO of Twitter dropped in to chat this morning. Twitter has grown into the most dominant "conversations" platform globally. Jack explained some of the steps being taken to keep those conversations healthy & to tackle the menace of fake news. @jack," Gandhi tweeted earlier today.

In one picture, the Apple Watch-sporting Dorsey shows off his tattoo to Gandhi. What might be mistaken for a stylised J on his forearm actually represents F-sharp, an integral symbol in mathematics as well as a musical notation. According to media reports, the tattoo encapsulates his interests in maths, music as well as anatomy. He sees it as a representation of the human clavicle, which he believes is not only the most graceful bone in the body but also the only one to boast a free range of motion.

Later in the day, Dorsey headed off to Indian Institute of Technology Delhi for a townhall where he talked about the youth and social change. The CEO's fireside chat with Maya Hari, Vice President, APAC at Twitter, revolved around how to tackle fake news, The Quint reported. According to Dorsey, Twitter's job was to ensure that fake news does not get spread, but given that it was a multivariable problem, multiple fixes  were needed to tackle it.

He also referred to engineers facing the biggest job threat from the rise of artificial intelligence, and the fact that college aspirants should seek their career options depending on their interests.

After arriving in India last Friday, Dorsey had tweeted that this was his "first time here after a lifetime of wanting to experience it" followed by another tweet that he was off to meet to Dalai Lama. "Thank you @DalaiLama. You're an amazing teacher. Also: thank you for not actually pulling out my nose ring, despite a lot of painful effort," Dorsey subsequently tweeted. He also visited Jaipur over the weekend.

The buzz is that he will also meet Union IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad before his trip ends. Twitter has received a lot of flak for its role in the spread of disinformation, a matter that is gaining prominence given the upcoming state polls as well as the general elections next year.

Edited by Sushmita Agarwal

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