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Clairco Brings 'Guaranteed Pure Air' to New Delhi, as Toxic Smog Engulfs the City

PTI     November 14, 2018

(Eds: Disclaimer: The following press release comes to you under an arrangement with PR Newswire. PTI takes no editorial responsibility for the same.) NEW DELHI, November 14, 2018/PRNewswire/ -- - To offer its Air Quality Monitoring & Purification Services to businesses in the National Capital Region - Clairco assures 'pure air' for starting Rs. 2/sft on a monthly subscription basis Clairco, India's only Clean air-as-a-service company which offers Air Quality Monitoring & Purification services, today announced its entry into the New Delhi market. At a time when air pollution in the Indian capital has risen to hazardous levels for citizens and businesses, they are looking for ways to breathe clean air and stay safe. Clairco helps businesses ensure clean air within indoor spaces at an affordable monthly fee. The air quality monitoring and purification market is flooded with expensive hardware that occupies space, has low value for money and lacks actionable intelligence. Clairco uses its patent-pending technology of connected devices to offer smart and affordable air quality monitoring and purification that upgrades existing air conditioning and ventilation units with smart purification capabilities. Clairco uses extensive data generated by its connected devices to power its machine learning algorithms and manage the quality of air in indoor spaces like never before. Clairco's smart-devices are installed both internally and externally, with no operational downtime on customers' premises to continuously compare, monitor and improve air quality. Aayush Jha, Co-founder & CEO, Clairco said, "Air quality is continuously deteriorating and the National Capital of Delhi is yet again seeing dangerous levels of pollution and smog. Air quality indoors often becomes much worse than outdoors and we spend more than 90% of our time indoors. Thus, we at Clairco believe that improving the air quality in indoor spaces; to begin with, can be a huge step to battle the dangers of this hazard. Further, businesses can benefit immensely by providing clean air in their spaces, as they continue to serve customers. Our first of its kind air quality monitoring and purification solution is affordable with a monthly fee for businesses of all sizes and scale. This helps businesses ensure a better experience without investing considerable capital in. Our technology enables us to be the only company in India that can guarantee clean air for indoor spaces." At the moment, Clairco works with leading businesses like health/fitness chains, home rental brands and restaurants. They also have paid pilots in the pipeline for schools, office spaces, tech parks, and hotels both luxury and budget helping tens of their customers breathe pure air. By the end of December, Clairco expects to serve at least 20 large enterprise clients, helping over half a million of their customers breathe in a clean air environment. Clairco charges around Rs 2/sq.ft on a monthly basis for spaces bigger than 5000 sq.ft. This includes all service and installation costs. Clairco shall also change filters on an 'as and when' basis free of costs. Compared to a regular Rs. 12,000 purifier Clairco is provides 3 times more value for money. About Clairco: Clairco, owned by Aliferous Technologies stands for the Clean Air Company. With a mission to help businesses offer clean, breathable indoor environments to their customers, Clairco marries intelligent connected devices, cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, and a simple upgrade to existing infrastructure, to help achieve a differentiated air quality experience. Founded by Aayush Jha, Co-founder & CEO & Praveena Poojary, Co-founder & CTO in January 2018, Clairco is based in Bangalore and is now serving customers across New Delhi and Hyderabad as well. Clairco is also a part of real-estate giant, Brigade group's startup accelerator, Brigade Reap. For more info, visit Source: Clairco PWR PWR

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