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Mumbai hospital fire: Swiggy executive out for delivery saves 10 lives at ESIC Kamgar

BusinessToday.In     December 19, 2018

Swiggy executive who was out for delivery rushed to help the rescue workers at ESIC Kamgar Hospital when he saw smoke billowing out of the building. A fire broke out at the hospital on Monday at 4:00 pm, claiming 8 lives and injuring as many as 145 patients and visitors. The 20-year-old Sidhu Humanabade eventually saved 10 lives.

Recalling how he scaled five storeys along with the firemen to help the people stuck in the building, Humanabade added, "We have to help others in distress, there is no question of being frightened to help out," The Times of India quoted Humanabade.

He said that he climbed using the fire brigade's ladder and used stones to break the glass. Humanabade had to stand on the window ledges and got on to the floors to direct people to the ladder so that they could climb down. However, the smoke made it difficult for him to see much or to breathe properly, the daily mentions.

Humanabade said that he had placed a ladder on the third-floor window ledge to help an elderly woman climb down but the ledge crumbled down as she reached the ladder making her fall. "I could do nothing as she fell," he added. 

Three hours after the rescue operation wrapped up, Humanabade told the firemen that there was an ache in his chest. Humanabade was eventually admitted to the hospital for inhaling soot. He also had his first meal in 15 hours on Tuesday. When his family reached the hospital, they found Humanabade on oxygen support and fluids via IV. The doctor who attended Humanabade said he would be fine.

Humanabade who grew up in Airoli in Navi Mumbai is a Class X-pass and had moved in with his uncle at Andheri for his Swiggy job.

As for the food that Humanabade was out to deliver - it was still in his delivery bag.

(Edited by Anwesha Madhukalya)

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