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By Pallavi Srivastava     July 17, 2007

Now, Video Applications

What is it? Video Resume, a new facility launched by Monster India that allows jobseekers to upload their video clips on the Monster India website in the same way as text resumes. In a month's time, the service will be available to recruiters also and they can search for video resumes in the same way they do text resumes and also receive the video resumes as job applications.

How much does it cost? The service is free.

How is it useful? The new feature allows jobseekers to speak directly to potential employers. By seeing the candidate's presentation skills online, the recruiters can do a preliminary screening before calling people for interviews.

Is it working? Monster claims 30-40 videos are being uploaded every day.

Touch and Use

What is it? The HTC Touch, a new touch-screen Windows Mobile device from Taiwanese manufacturer HTC.

How does it work? HTC's TouchFLO technology is a software layer that resides on top of the Windows Mobile 6 operating system that activates the menu from which one can choose a range of options.

Is it as cool as the iPhone promises to be? If we believe what Steve Jobs tells us, then the answer is no. The HTC Touch still requires a stylus to type e-mails and text messages. Remember, this is a Windows Mobile device; so, it's a fair bet that this phone will be doing a lot of both.

How much does it cost? Rs 19,990 and it is available only on Airtel.

(With Kushan Mitra)

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