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Sebi issues new format for mutual funds' monthly report

PTI     January 22, 2019

Markets regulator Sebi on Tuesday came out with a new format for asset management companies (AMCs) for monthly cumulative reporting. From April 2019 onwards, AMCs will have to submit the MCR to Sebi in the new format by the third working day of each month, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) said in a circular.

Under the existing guidelines, a mutual fund scheme is permitted to invest certain percentage of AUM in schemes of same mutual fund or other schemes. In order to avoid such investments being considered by both the investee and investing scheme, the Sebi said that the investing scheme will have to exclude the same while reporting the data on AUM in the MCR.

In the monthly cumulative report or MCR, AMCs will have to separately disclose about number of schemes in each segment, including open ended schemes, close ended schemes and equity oriented schemes. Further, they need to submit information pertaining to number of folios, funds mobilised, repurchase or redemption, net inflow or outflow, net as well as average net asset under management.

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