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MindRush 2019: Thoughts to Feelings to Action to Result

Aprajita Sharma     February 14, 2019

Everyone wants to be happier, more productive, more energetic, and in the process, grow rich. Most people also know how to achieve that. But not many achieve it. What holds up back is 'CZ': comfort zone. David Wood, an internationally acclaimed coach and trainer of enhancing productivity, has a radical explanation. "Your brain is not designed to make you rich or happy. The brain is wired to keep you in a small box, to push you back into your comfort zone. If something does not challenge you, it won't change you."

Conducting an interactive masterclass on productivity for a power-packed gathering at Business Today's 6th edition of MindRush, the annual flagship business conclave of the India Today Group, Wood explained how one must come out of his or her comfort zone and that by simply challeneging our brain, we can transform our lives. "My wealth can only grow to the extent that I grow myself," is one of the pillars of Wood's explanation.

Wood speaks from experience. One day Wood's history teacher spoke with him and said Wood was the worst student he had ever taught. "I realised that being in a toxic environment would not let me grow. So, I left and did various kind of jobs before starting my own businesses."

Before executing an idea, one has to get ready to execute it. Giving the audience a taste of how this can be done, Wood asked the audience to stand up and speak to someone they had never met before, and ask them something like "what is it that you want in life", "what do you want most in 10 years from now?" The enthusiastic response from the audience was evidence of Wood's remarks hitting the mark.

While everyone has 'thoughts' about living a better and more productive life, as Wood explained, we must endeavour to change our 'thoughts' into 'feelings', and follow it up with actions, which will eventually lead to 'results'.

Wood has trained over one million 'students' from all corners of the world. He is as comfortable leading a team to the 19,000 ft-summit of Kilimanjaro as he is brainstorming with billionaires about changing the world.

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