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5 loans for India's millennials

Satyam Kumar     February 21, 2019

Today's millennials have dreams which aren't confined to workplaces, aspirations which cannot depend on a monthly salary and a mind-set that not just believes in saving for the future, but equally living in the present as well. Unlike the previous generations, which would save bit by bit, cut down expenses to make that once in a lifetime Europe trip possible, millennials today have dreams which are truly unparalleled and cannot wait, not for too long, at least. Thankfully, digital lending platforms are offering easy and quick loans, within the limits of every salaried millennial.

It's just the beginning of the year and here are 5 loans crafted only for today's millennials ever-evolving dreams -

Premium Bike Loan - Biking to Manali and Leh are passe. Now, there are guided motorcycle tours all the way to Thailand. And once, you get the hang of it, the world is your oyster. Like last year, on Republic Day, India for the first time witnessed 'Seema Bhavnani' or Border Bravehearts; the 113 women-squad bikers who slayed it on their 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet motorbikes. So, whether it's still the Leh dream or much more than that, there are premium bike loans, so that you don't wait any longer.  They offer up to 40% lesser monthly cash outflow as compared to regular bike loan apart from 100% funding of on road price

Rental Deposit Loan - Moving to new city on account of your promotion or changed your job? Too much commute to work and you're ending up skipping your physical training schedule ? Or simply looking for better apartment but limited by security deposit? Now you have an option to apply for rental deposit loans online. It does not dent your savings and helps you give higher deposit to landlord. You only pay the interest to the loan on monthly basis for the tenure of lease agreement.

Holiday Loan - There are places within India and outside of course, which even Instagram hasn't explored so far. And, millennials know this. After all, spending hours across social media platforms staring at drool-worthy pictures, you're building your own set of updates in your mind. But, all you need is some time off work and a locale no one has been to! We can't help convince your manager, but holiday loans can definitely make it possible for you to take that long trip wherever in the world, whenever you want to. Holiday loans that covers all your expense and also gives 3 month interest only payment option with online process and sanction within 24-36 hours is great deal.

Wedding Loan - From the sand-dunes of Khimsar, Rajasthan to the sea-shores of Goa, Maharashtra, millennials are going all out to make their wedding day a memorable one. And, why shouldn't you! After all, it's a once in a lifetime affair. So, whether it's a destination wedding or a gorgeous designer lehenga, you don't need to depend on your parents anymore. Split the expenses, take a wedding loan and show the world, you're 'better together' always. New age generation wedding loans offer buffer of interest-only payment for first five months so that you take it easy to recover from overall financial debt of marriage or honeymoon.

Advance Salary Loan - A financial emergency you need to take care of? Or sale at end of the month you can't afford not to fore-go? Well, there is something called an Advanced Salary Loan that will get you a line of credit or salary early up to 2.5x of your net salary. You extend your monies in the pocket and pay back to the lending institute within 3-12 months.

You don't have to save up till the end of the year to realise you adventure bucket list anymore.

(The author Mr. Satyam kumar is the co-founder and CEO of Loantap)

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